how to use salesforce in B2B?

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how to use salesforce in B2B?

ข้อมูลby ishan09 » Mon Jan 10, 2022 7:52 pm

Isn't business to business (B2B) sales the same as any other? In the most basic sense, this statement may be correct. Business to business (B2B) sales, on the other hand, are considerably different from business to consumer (B2C) sales in the real world. Salespeople in B2B sales encounter professional, demanding buyers, many decision-makers, long closing timeframes, and complicated sales cycles.

Business to business sales is assisting other firms in identifying what they need to succeed and then meeting those requirements with your offers and solutions.

Instead of selling directly to end consumers, B2B sales include one company selling goods and/or services to another company. Because corporate customers are sophisticated and contract amounts might be large, B2B salespeople must be more compelling and skilled negotiators. They must have a solid understanding of the organisation, needs, issues, and industry of their prospect. B2B salespeople's roles have developed from straightforward selling to consultative selling, allowing them to serve as consultants to their clients.

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