Understanding Hotels Thai Address

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Understanding Hotels Thai Address

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Understanding Hotels Thai Address
You might also come across another version of an address in Thailand, take this address for example:
999/95 (Plot and house number)
Moo 2 (Muban)
Thaphon (Tambon)
Muang Rayong (Amphoe/Amphur)
77101(Post Code)

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Understanding a Thai Address-Hotels and Houses

Posted on November 1, 2012 by Mike Rose in Thailand Expat, Thai Address System
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Soi name sign ThailandUnderstanding a Thai address for hotels and houses can be confusing. Chances are that if you travel to Thailand for pleasure or business you may well stay in a hotel or private apartment, you may also want to find a specific address during your travels. Even when the address you are looking for is in Roman script it can still take quite a bit of deciphering, making understanding the Thai address system difficult for foreigners.
Different types of Thai address.

Thai addresses can be written in several different ways, for example take the address of this popular hotel in the Sukumvit area of Bangkok for instance:

Ambassador Hotel
171 Sukhumvit
Soi 11-13
At first glance it appears that the hotel is located at 171 Sukhumvit, however if you look closer you will also see Soi 11-13. Now the Thai word for a road is ถนน, Thanon(when Romanised), however this could also mean avenue or street as well, since the Thais do not differentiate, however smaller roads leading off a Thanon are often called ซอย “soi,” while a “trok” is an alley. Even numbered ซอย are all on the same side of the main road while odd numbered ซอย are on the opposite side. A ซอย may have a name or just a number, in big cities these are often displayed in Thai and English although Romanisation varies greatly.

So back to the Ambassador hotel, where is it exactly? Well its actually located between ซอย 11 and 13 about 300 yards from Sukumvit Road in Bangkok. The front entrance is on ซอย 11 and the rear entrance is on ซอย 13. Confused? Me too the first time I stayed there. So what about 171? Well it might be the number of the property on the ซอย, but is that ซอย 11 or ซอย 13? In this case probably neither since it is more likely the original plot number for the hotel buildings.

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Re: Understanding Hotels Thai Address

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