Sparkling Bangkok Hotel by Price

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Sparkling Bangkok Hotel by Price

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Sparkling Bangkok Hotel by Price



Oriental Hotel 269 US$  ChaoPhraya, Downtown
Beaufort Sukhothai Hotel 162 US$  Downtown
Embassy Suite Hotel 162 US$  Sukhumvit
Regent Hotel 161 US$  Downtown
Peninsula 155 US$  Downtown
Sheraton Grande Pacific Hotel 131 US$  Sukhumvit13
Hyatt Erawan Hotel 128 US$  Downtown
ShangriLa Hotel 113 US$  ChaoPhraya, Downtown
Royal Orchid Sheraton 107 US$  Sukhumvit, Sukhumvit13
Siam Intercontinental Hotel 106 US$  Downtown, SiamSquare
Westin Banyan Tree 106 US$  Downtown
Delta Grand Pacific Hotel 105 US$  Sukhumvit13
JW Marriot 104 US$  Sukhumvit, Sukhumvit13
Emporium Suites 102 US$  Sukhumvit
Pan Pacific 100 US$  Downtown
Plaza Athenee 98 US$  Sukhumvit, Downtown
Dusit Thani Hotel 92 US$  Downtown, SilomEast
Nikko Hotel 92 US$  Ratchada
Landmark Hotel 88 US$  Sukhumvit13
Amari Watergate Hotel 76 US$  Downtown
Bangkok Hilton Hotel 71 US$  Downtown, Sukhumvit
BelAire Hotel 70 US$  Sukhumvit13
Crowne Plaza 70 US$  Downtown
Imperial Queen's Park 69 US$  Sukhumvit
Central Plaza Hotel 68 US$  PhahonVipha
Pathumwan Princess 65 US$  Downtown
Monarch Lee Gardens Hotel 65 US$  Downtown
Holiday Inn Hotel 60 US$  Sukhumvit, Sukhumvit13
Siam City Hotel 58 US$  Downtown, PhahonVipha
CityLodge 2 58 US$  Sukhumvit, Sukhumvit13
Montien Hotel 57 US$  Downtown, SilomEast
Sofitel 56 US$  Sukhumvit, Sukhumvit13
Amari Boulevard Hotel 55 US$  Sukhumvit13
Tawana Ramada Hotel 52 US$  Downtown, SilomEast
Royal President 51 US$  Sukhumvit, Sukhumvit13
Novotel Bangkok Hotel Siam Square 49 US$  Downtown, SiamSquare
BelAire Princess 49 US$  Sukhumvit
Winsor Hotel 47 US$  SukhumvitEast
Winsor Hotel 47 US$  SukhumvitEast
InTown Residence 47 US$  Downtown
Imperial Tara 47 US$  Sukhumvit
Arnoma Swiss Hotel 46 US$  Downtown
Hotel Rembrandt Senor Pico's 44 US$  Sukhumvit
Novotel Lotus Bangkok Hotel 43 US$  Sukhumvit
Amari Atrium Hotel 42 US$  RamaIX, Sukhumvit
Swiss Lodge 42 US$  Downtown, SilomEast
Raddison 42 US$  Ratchada
Grand Palace Hotel 40 US$  Ratchada
Century Hotel 40 US$  PhahonVipha
Indra Regent Hotel 39 US$  Downtown
Fortune Blue Wave Hotel 39 US$  Ratchada
Tower Inn 37 US$  Downtown
Four Wings 37 US$  Sukhumvit
Zenith 37 US$  Sukhumvit, Sukhumvit13
Royal Princess Hotel 35 US$  Dusit
Somerset 35 US$  Sukhumvit, Sukhumvit13
Impala Hotel 35 US$  Sukhumvit, Sukhumvit13
Fortuna Hotel 34 US$  Sukhumvit13
Grand China Princess 34 US$  Chinatown, Yaowarat
Chateau De Bangkok 32 US$  Sukhumvit
The Emerald Hotel 31 US$  Ratchada
Park 31 US$  Sukhumvit, Sukhumvit13
The Grand Hotel 31 US$  Ratchada
Trinity City Hotel 30 US$  Downtown
SC Park Hotel 30 US$  RamaIX
Silom Plaza 30 US$  Downtown
Grande Ville 30 US$  OldCity, Chinatown
TaiPan Hotel 30 US$  Sukhumvit, SukhumvitEast
Majestic 29 US$  OldCity
Royal Benja 29 US$  Sukhumvit
Swiss Park 28 US$  Sukhumvit, Sukhumvit13
Siam Orchid Inn 27 US$  Downtown
Holiday Mansion Hotel 27 US$  Downtown, Sukhumvit
The Travellers 27 US$  Ratchada
Rex Hotel 27 US$  SukhumvitEast
City Lodge 27 US$  Sukhumvit, Sukhumvit13
Euro Inn 27 US$  Sukhumvit
Palazzo Bangkok 26 US$  Ratchada
SD Avenue 26 US$  KhlongBangkok
Sol Twin Towers 25 US$  Chinatown, Downtown
Royal City 25 US$  KhlongBangkok
ChaoPhraya Hotel 25 US$  Ratchada
Maxx Hotel 25 US$  RamaIX, RCA
Prince Palace 25 US$  Dusit
Nana Hotel 25 US$  Sukhumvit13
Manorah 25 US$  Downtown
Asia Hotel 24 US$  Downtown
Jim's Lodge 24 US$  Sukhumvit
Jade Pavilion 23 US$  Sukhumvit
Narai Hotel 23 US$  Downtown
Regency Park 23 US$  Sukhumvit
Bangkok Center Hotel 23 US$  Downtown, Chinatown
Bangkok Palace 23 US$  Downtown
BaiYok Suite Hotel 23 US$  Downtown
Classic Place Hotel 23 US$  Sukhumvit
Mandarin Hotel 23 US$  Downtown
La Residence 23 US$  Downtown
Ambassador Hotel 23 US$  Sukhumvit13
Ruamchitt Hotel Plaza 22 US$  Sukhumvit13
Thai Hotel 22 US$  Dusit
Royal Hotel 22 US$  OldCity, KhaoSan
Bossotel 22 US$  Downtown
Royal River 22 US$  Dusit
Dynasty Inn 22 US$  Sukhumvit13
Sathon Inn 22 US$  Downtown
New Empire Hotel 20 US$  Chinatown, Yaowarat
Grand Inn 20 US$  Sukhumvit, Sukhumvit13
First Hotel 20 US$  Downtown
Premier Inn 20 US$  Sukhumvit
Pinnacle Hotel 20 US$  Ngamduphli
Regina Hotel 20 US$  Ratchada
Rose Hotel 20 US$  Downtown, SilomEast
Manhattan Hotel 19 US$  Sukhumvit13
Chinatown Hotel 18 US$  Chinatown, Yaowarat
Siam Hotel 18 US$  RamaIX, Sukhumvit
Siam Bevery Hotel 18 US$  Ratchada
City Inn 18 US$  Downtown
Royal Pacific Hotel 17 US$  RamaIX
Sathon Villa 17 US$  Downtown
Malaysia Hotel 17 US$  Ngamduphli
Bangkok Christian Guest House 17 US$  Downtown, SilomEast
Federal Hotel 16 US$  Sukhumvit, Sukhumvit13
Honey Hotel 16 US$  Sukhumvit13
Trang Hotel 16 US$  Dusit
White Orchid Hotel 16 US$  Chinatown, Yaowarat
Miramar Hotel 16 US$  OldCity
Prince Hotel 16 US$  Sukhumvit
Reno Hotel 15 US$  Downtown, SiamSquare
Premier Travel Lodge 15 US$  Sukhumvit13
Suriwong Hotel 15 US$  Downtown, SilomEast
Burapha Hotel 13 US$  OldCity
Thai House Inn 13 US$  Sukhumvit13
Grace Hotel 13 US$  Sukhumvit13
Classic Inn 12 US$  Downtown
KhaoSan Palace Hotel 12 US$  KhaoSan
Business Inn 12 US$  Sukhumvit, Sukhumvit13
Charlie's House 11 US$  OldCity
A One Inn 11 US$  SiamSquare
Miami Hotel 10 US$  Sukhumvit13
Siri Guest House 10 US$  KhaoSan
Star Hotel 10 US$  SiamSquare
Bed & Breakfast Inn 9 US$  SiamSquare
TungMahamek Privacy Hotel 9 US$  Ngamduphli
Morakot Hotel 8 US$  RamaIX
Woodlands Inn 8 US$  Downtown
Rani Guest House 8 US$  KhaoSan
Pranee Building & Muangphol Mansion 7 US$  Downtown
Prani Building Muangphol Mansion 7 US$  Downtown, SiamSquare
White Lodge Wendy House 7 US$  Downtown, SiamSquare
Niagara Hotel 7 US$  Downtown
Orchid House 6 US$  KhaoSan
New Joe Guest House 5 US$  KhaoSan
J & Joe Guest House 5 US$  KhaoSan

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