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Promote your unique local travel services

ข้อมูลby tripfeverrcom » Wed Mar 05, 2014 7:27 pm is a new unique micro job site, a marketplace, where anyone can buy and sell travel and related services. promotes a wide range of services that can be found under one roof: from simple micro jobs to more extensive travel services delivered personally.

A crucial part of services promoted at TripFeverr com includes typical travel services like guided tours, visa help, homestays and private transportation services. However, the website is useful practically for anyone who looks any local services that can be deliver in the best quality only by locals e.g. language lessons via Skype, interpretation, writing or translation services. Good examples of services that is possible to promote can be found in the Czech Republic, Vietnam or Indonesia.

The main advantage for local individuals and small businesses is the fact that promotion of their services is free. Joining the website is free and sellers are not charged by any fees for posting and selling. does not provide any payment system and it is up to the agreement between sellers and customers how the service will be paid (cash, PayPal etc.). has been launched recently and a number of promoted services has been increasing day by day. We encourage all people and entrepreneurs who can offer nice and useful travel microjobs to join the website and make traveling experience better. Rely on locals!

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