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Suan Lum Night Bazaar

Suan Lum Night Bazaar

Suan Lum Night Bazaar is located in Bangkok's Pathum Wan district for varieties of one of a kind but so many kind for shopping and entertainment , at the intersection of Rama IV and Wireless/Sathorn Roads, opposite Lumphini Park at the Bangkok Metro's Lumphini Station. Located on land owned by the Crown Property Bureau, it opened in 2001. The lease on the property ran out in 2006 and the market was reported to be closing in 2007, although the market has remained in operation.

A mixture of poshly dressed, fresh-from-the-office Thai's and expats along with fisherman pant-clad tourists, Suan Lum could best be described as the VIP outdoor market of Bangkok (where you're always welcome, of course). Covered walkways with centrally-located snack bars provide perhaps the most luxurious (outdoor) market shopping experience in the city. Several bars along with Thai, Italian, German, and even Mexican restaurants are conveniently within the market area, close enough to analyze the crowd while enjoying a drink, yet away from the market's hustle-and-bustle. In the same area, dinner shows featuring classical Thai puppetry can be enjoyed at the famous Joe Louis Puppet Theatre.
The Night Bazaar is open from 5pm to midnight, with some shops open until later. It has vendors selling gifts, clothing, jewellery, fruit, compact discs, hand-made products like tapestries and fine arts (Stop by at Tapestry Palace in Outlet Zone for exclusive tapestries), such as paintings and sculptures. There is a large beer garden, with an array of food available, and live entertainment. On the other side of the market there is a quieter area with many restaurants offering both inside and outside garden seating.
Joe Louis Puppet Theatre

On the other side of the market's curious Khmer-looking temple walkway, lies a large outdoor beer garden, food court, and concert venue all rolled into one. Here one can indulge in an assortment of inernational and Thai beers and foods, with international fare either Japanese (yakitori and Asahi) or German (sausage, Paulaner, etc). Beer and food are accompanied by live Thai cover bands performing the latest local and international hits on stage. Also, don't forget to check out the Big Wheel, 'La Roue de Paris' while you're there! And, after a few drinks with friends, head out to one of Silom's many nightclubs.

Bangkok Hall, a 6,000-capacity entertainment and special events hall, is located in the Night Bazaar. Until March 2007, it was called BEC-TERO Hall, and was primarily used by the media company to stage concerts. Also in the Night Bazaar is the Joe Louis Puppet Theatre, a traditional Thai puppet troupe that give performances of the Ramakien, Thailand's national epic.

The property was leased from the Crown Property Bureau by P Con Development until March 31, 2006. Tenants were given until April 2007 to vacate the premises, but as of April 2008, most vendors remained open, and it looks like business as usual. Plans are to develop the property into office buildings, retail areas, residential and entertainment complexes.

You can get there by take the MRT subway to Lumpini station; the market is near Lumpini Park, a short walk from the station. Items at market: Creative gifts, trendy home items, clothing/jewellery boutique shops by local designers, packaged dried fruits, a few stalls selling the usual market CD's/clothing.