Video Download and Install Mlink Exchange Component

Video Download and Install Mlink Exchange Component

Mlink Exchange Component Document

Mlink Exchange Component

*What is Mlink Exchange ?

Mlink Exchange is a supporting system to manage link exchange for any person who would like to
promote their own website by exchange the url with other's website which controled by the newest support Joomlar 1.5 native only.

MlinkExchange component support you to make link exchange, the component provides explaination in an easy way
how to make whole link exchange process completed.

*How to use Mlink Exchange ?

You can step following to get an easy way make a link exchange.
1. Mlink Exchange Setting : Admin -> Components -> Mlink Exchange -> Mlink Exchange Setting.
1.1 Enable Link Exchange: Set Yes to able website banner / No to disable website banner
1.2 E-mail admin: Put your e-mail address to other contact back
1.3 Culumn on page: Set number of column which will show on frontpage
1.4 Title Link Exchange: Invite other website who interested to make you link exchange
1.5 Code Link Exchange: Make your own code for your link exchange for
other website paste you their webpage
1.6 Click Save to finish

2. MLink Exchange :
2.1 When you get link exchange code from other website. You can put it to your webpage
by get into: Admin -> Components -> Mlink Exchange -> MLink Exchange
2.2 Click New to add a new link exchange
2.3 Title: The title related to kind and information of the website you are making a link exchange
2.4 Contact Email: Put their e-mail address they have contacted
2.5 Published: Set Yes to able website banner / No to disable website banner
2.6 Order: New items default to the first place. Ordering can be changed after this item is saved.
2.7 Banner Code: Put their's a banner code you have got
2.8 Click Save to finish

*Benefit and Policy ?
Mlink Exchange is Free Download Component, allow publish to download and propagate.
If you want to support this project you can donate via Paypal donation.

Mlink Exchange Support

MlinkExchange Support goto forum

Video add Link exchange Menu

Video add Link Exchange Menu

add new menu on main menu